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Sunday, March 31, 2013

I have decided that I am not so good at keeping up with this blog but love the idea of keeping everyone updated on us and having the blog to look back on as a family ....just to remember what is always keeping us so my new goal is Monthly Updates...and boy was March a busy month!
First lets start with Jeremy's Birthday, Emma jokingly said that Jeremy would love a Spiderman Birthday cake this year, so we went with it! And Spider Man Masks (instead of party hats is what we got) and by the looks of everyone wearing the masks, I think Emma has most of the family wrapped around their little finger for wearing them, I for one can NOT look a these with out smiling.

Next on our March Agenda was a baby shower for Trey and Lib's new sweet baby girl on the way (hopefully making her arrival in June!)

 And we can not forget Big Sis Kinsley
We had some family come down for the shower, and "Great" Aunt Tammy was getting all the loving she could from Sweet baby Claire!

 And the Mommy to be ready to open up all the goodies!

 And then we have CRAZY hair day at school, with a little color and curls Emma was ready to go!

Easter would not be complete with out our annual egg dying at Grandma and Grandpa's. I think the girls only managed to spill dye 4 times, Emma glitter the whole living room not just her eggs, Kinsley died the floor and table green, had to change her clothes twice, and tried to crack her eggs on the side of her bowl...I think she had Emma beat this year!


The Easter Bunny stopped by Easter Morning!

 And then off to Church we go....


After Church it was Easter Egg Hunt Time and Dinner at Grandma and Grandpa's ...READY SET GO!

 While Kinsley dashed all around the yard yelling and screaming at every egg she could find, Emma calmly walked past lots of eggs telling us she was only going to get purple ones......REALLY!



 And just in case the girls were not wrotten enough....It was round 2 of Easter Baskets from the Grandparents!

And there you have our March! We have been so busy and so blessed beyond measure with so many things happening and going on in our lives.....lets see how well my Monthly updates work out! :)










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