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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pumpkin Time

We had our first visit ever to a pumpkin patch today. After a Crackerbarrel Breakfast with Grandma, Libby and Kinsley we headed over to pick our carving pumkins. It was alot of fun and leant itself to some great pics of the girls..... 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Where has the time gone...

I can not beleive it is has been over a month since I lasted posted. Life has just been moving right along and I have just not found the time to sit down and post an update. Our week days have been filled with school, homework, dinner and baths and wake ups to do it all over again and our weekends have been smacked full of fun with family and friends, out of town trips, birthday parties and dinners....that is one of the perks that comes from being blessed with such great family and friends... here are a few snapshots of Emma's Sept and beginnings of Oct 2011.
 We took a great family vacation over Labor Day weekend to Myrtle Beach. Here is Emma with one of her best buds and cousins Madelyn. She is so special to us....I can remember it like yesterday when Emma was in the hospital and just coming out of ICU and starting to wake up, Madelyn would climb right up in that hospital bed with Emma and grab her hand (feeding tube, ekg, wires, blood pressure cuff and all) Madelyn did not let it stop her from loving on her Emma....and Boy do we Love Madelyn!
 This was our sweet Kinsley and Emma Rhae leaving from dinner one night at the beach.
 Our Beach Babes.... you just can't tell these 2 nothing!
 And here we have the 3 Amigos...they are the older girls of the group....can you say trouble!
 This is not one of the better pics BUT I thought it is just a little closer to what the reality was when we tried to get all 6 of them together to take a picture (I promise between the 3 camera's flashing we did get some better shots!)
 The 3 Amigos went to the Aquarium while we were at Myrtle Beach. This is them watching a little shark actions with their Daddy's -- Love these moments!
 After our Labor Day trip it was time for Emma's Extravaganza! Oh did we have fun and are so blessed and grateful to everyone who helped, planned, cut hair, served food, donated and just came out to say Hi! What a fantastic day and some awesome memories made.
 Aunt Tammy made the trip down for the weekend...and Emma loves her "soul sista" Aunt Tammy and hates to see her leave. She has permanently named our spare bedroom Aunt Tammy's room!
 Here is a picture of Emma with all the Salon Surreal Girls, one of the 2 salons that cut hair that day!
 So apparently Emma and Grandma decided that Emma needed to go to the "ball" this night. She made us put on her princess dress, jewels and make up to meet her prince at the ball. Don't you just love the way Jeremy put dark brown eye shadow over Emma's eyebrows! Great look for her isn't it!
 And I still can not believe this....hard to tell in this pic...but Emma lost her 1st tooth!
 Emma enjoyed her first pony ride at Kinsley's 1st Birthday Party it took her some coaxing but as you can tell by the look on her face she loved it once she got on! Thanks Papa Jim and Ms Debbie!
 Since we were all together for Kinsley's B-Day, Mom thought it was a great idea to take a pic of all of the "Rogers" Grandkids and Great Grandkids....
To top of Kinsley's B-Day we sat down for some pumpkin painting to start off our fall!

And there you have it our Month in a nutshell!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Party Like a KROC STAR

Emma had her 5th Birthday Party today, at the Kroc Center where the kiddos painted and partied "Like a Kroc Star"! It was such a fun time for Emma and nothing makes us smile happier then to see the BIG smile she had on her face...below are some snapshots from her party! She will not be officially 5 until Tuesday so we will party again with the Grandparents and Uncle Trey, Aunt Lib and Kinsley...per Emma's request we will be headed out to eat ribs!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Last week before the Big K

Kindergarten that is! Emma has had a great last few weeks of Summer before School Starts! What a difference a year can bring. So not where we thought we would be in life but yet so far from where we were last summer!
 Here is Emma getting ready to go to Family Night at VBS to sing her little heart out on the stage for everyone, What really happened is she sang a little but mostly looked around to see what everyone else was doing...our little nosey one!

This picture just melts my heart. I came in Emma's room one night and she was watching TV with her hands propping her head up like this, to most parents of a 4 year old this means me it is perfect. Not so many months ago our sweet angel could not lift her head up much less have the coordination to get her hands to her face! It is moments like these I hope I don't ever forget

And our very own Blythe Bearcat!! Kindergarten look out!!

Here is Emma outside her classroom. She has Ms Chavous this year, for those of you "old" Blythe Bearcats like me ..yes.. the same Ms Chavous we had years ago...Jeremy and I could not be more estatic with her teacher and para pro this year!!

And this my friends is Emma's Kindergarten tote....newly decorated by Jeremy himself! Emma could not have a better day I am sure she will Thank me for finding him!

Today Emma went to Kayleys Birthday Party (a friend of hers since daycare she is on the left her other friend is Carlie also from daycare!) So good to see these 3 Buddies back together again! These girls and their families have been such Blessings in Emma and our lives ever since her diagnosis. We love them all dearly and hope we do a good job at keeping these girls in touch. They will all be starting Kindergarten this year in 3 different schools!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer Fun

Our summer has been full blast (and I can not say we are not happy about that) last summer I would consider to be a real BUST all though we are all exhausted and busy I would not trade it for anything. We are making some wonderful memories here....

Emma and Kinsley were very Patriotic for our Trip to Fort Gordon for their 4th of July Festivities.

It was very HOT but the girls had fun dancing to the band.

When the band was over and the crowd moved over to the other side to get ready for the fireworks Emma and Lib layed back to look at the clouds and see what they thought each one looked like.

One of Emma's new favorite past times...she lays on her bed to watch TV and then pull herself up on her knees and then sometime up tall on her knees balancing and YELLS for Jeremy and I to come look at what she can do...

And then back down to do it all over again....

July 4th night all the kiddos on Aunt Debe's and Mr Pat's front lawn to watch the fire works from Patriots Park after a fun day of swimming and eating.

Sweet Madelyn and Emma getting ready for VBS week at our Church!

Our very own Statue of Liberty -- As the VBS theme was traveling to the Big Apple!

We have been blessed beyond measure this summer and can't believe then in just 2 short weeks our Emma Rhae will be starting Kindergarten!! We are going to squeeze as much out of these last 2 weeks as possible.

Don't forget Emma's Extravaganza Sept 11th from 10-6 at Trendz Salon!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Vacation was a Hit...Now its over...

Our vacation week was awesome. Weather was great, Family was together, Memories were made. Here are  snapshots of some of the fun!

 On this night we had a great dinner and finally got Grandma to Barnes and Noble to download some books for her Nook..and of course that meant Emma got a new book as well...

 Emma was loving on her Daddy in the pool, one of the few times we got in the pool that week, we spent alot of time at the ocean and at the cool water park our hotel had.

This was a fun night! We went to a restraunt on the inlet that had live music in the lounge down stairs while we waited, Emma clapped and bopped her head so much that her and Grandma downed a whole bowl of complimentary popcorn! Emma and Kinsley even went out on the marsh to see goats and a peacock!

 And this is how the girls traveled to the beach each day from our room...

I will say Emma has little fear...she got right out in the ocean even rode some waves on the boogie board while we held her.

 Half way through the week another beach babe, Sophie girl!, joined us she was not as fond of the wagon as Emma and Sophie though.

 And the girls keep coming...they also met a friend Madeline from Tenessee that played with them for 2 days..check out the matching sun glasses with her bathing suit what a sweet girl!

 We had a night of fun rides where Kinsley also showed us she has no fear hanging off the side of the ferris wheel...what are we gonna do with those girls!

 And here is the beach trio again...we spent this evening with all of the fam at Broadway at the Beach!

Emma's night was topped off with Build A Bear where she built her Beach Puppy "Myrtle" complete with bathing suit and flip flops!

Who can resist ...don't we all eat our breakfast in panties and a big pink bow in our hair!

We took the girls out early Friday morning and got their pictures on the beach. We have been doing this with Emma for 4 years now...and they always turn out great so happy to have Kinsley with us this year!!

And finally the girls taking one last gaze at the ocean, soaking it all in until the next beach trip...which we are all hoping happens very soon!!!