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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Three Months Behind!

I can not believe it is has been 3 months since I last updated our blog, and posted some pics! Life is just spinning by with all the holidays.....I sat down tonight intending to do a complete update....but looks like I will only get you through Nov are updating slow and I am wiped!
So here are just a few snapshots of Emma's November 2011
 This year for Thanksgiving we took a trip to Pigeon Forge, a big change for us but was nice to get away...needless to say the only Turkey the girls ate this Thanksgiving was the cupcake one we bought at the store!

 Aunt Lib bought Emma a matching tractor shirt to Kinsley's and made them the cutest hair bows!

 We took a stroll up in Gatlinburg while we were there

 The scenery outside our condo was great and we were able to have our own "photo shoot" with Kinsley and Emma

 Can you say cheese?

 And here they are again in their matching Gobble Gobble celebrate the holiday with a drive through Cades Cove

This picture is priceless to me...Kinsley's personality is shining through!

 We went to a small winter carnival where Emma rode the spinning bears, carosel, ferris wheel (where I was holding on to her so tight I pratically squeezed her insides out, she actually told me when we got off Mom lets just go back to the bears you won't be scared on that one!) BUT nothing could top her facial expressions from the slide with Daddy!

Dolly Wood proved to be just as much fun for her! She drove me and then her Dad all around the track!
And then came the free fall ride....look at her little tiny self....not sure who was more nervous for her ...Emma, Lib or Jeremy. They both had a very tight squeeze on either hand! When she went up all you could see is her little legs dangling!

But she was all you can see the death grips from Lib and Jeremy

 And what were Lib and I thinking when we put these 2 together on this ride by themselves, it was all good till they put the little girl in the "back seat" of their duck..Kinsley kept turning around to see her and Lib and I were standing on the side saying make her sit Emma DON"T let her get it was Emma's turn to put the death grip on Kinsley!

And here are the girls with the best Grandparents ever!!

So there is our November in a nut shell...promise to update our Christmas before Easter :)