Our Family

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Party Like a KROC STAR

Emma had her 5th Birthday Party today, at the Kroc Center where the kiddos painted and partied "Like a Kroc Star"! It was such a fun time for Emma and nothing makes us smile happier then to see the BIG smile she had on her face...below are some snapshots from her party! She will not be officially 5 until Tuesday so we will party again with the Grandparents and Uncle Trey, Aunt Lib and Kinsley...per Emma's request we will be headed out to eat ribs!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Last week before the Big K

Kindergarten that is! Emma has had a great last few weeks of Summer before School Starts! What a difference a year can bring. So not where we thought we would be in life but yet so far from where we were last summer!
 Here is Emma getting ready to go to Family Night at VBS to sing her little heart out on the stage for everyone, What really happened is she sang a little but mostly looked around to see what everyone else was doing...our little nosey one!

This picture just melts my heart. I came in Emma's room one night and she was watching TV with her hands propping her head up like this, to most parents of a 4 year old this means me it is perfect. Not so many months ago our sweet angel could not lift her head up much less have the coordination to get her hands to her face! It is moments like these I hope I don't ever forget

And our very own Blythe Bearcat!! Kindergarten look out!!

Here is Emma outside her classroom. She has Ms Chavous this year, for those of you "old" Blythe Bearcats like me ..yes.. the same Ms Chavous we had years ago...Jeremy and I could not be more estatic with her teacher and para pro this year!!

And this my friends is Emma's Kindergarten tote....newly decorated by Jeremy himself! Emma could not have a better day I am sure she will Thank me for finding him!

Today Emma went to Kayleys Birthday Party (a friend of hers since daycare she is on the left her other friend is Carlie also from daycare!) So good to see these 3 Buddies back together again! These girls and their families have been such Blessings in Emma and our lives ever since her diagnosis. We love them all dearly and hope we do a good job at keeping these girls in touch. They will all be starting Kindergarten this year in 3 different schools!