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Thursday, August 9, 2012

And there goes our Summer.....

So it looks like I have let the entire Summer (school break summer anyway) go by with out one picture, update, or post to our blog. And you have heard this from me before but there are just not enough hours in the day....for all the things I want to get done! So here is Emma's Summer wrapped up into about 20 pictures (there is an abundance more but I was already wanting to fall asleep as just these were uploading).  So here we go.....

Emma's Summer started out with a little cousin, princess fun......we have almost this exact same picture about 2 years ago of these 3 dressing up back then....they may have grown but they are still sweet as ever.

And this is the day Kinsley came over to show us our her new ride, she was not much for driving it then, but totally thought it was cool for Emma to ride her around in the yard, looks like Emma didn't mind driving too much :) As the Summer comes to a close though Kinsley has discovered it is kinda fun to be the driver!

Aunt Tammy got the girls these super cool shades on her visit this summer, so of course they had to show them off.

Do you see the recurring theme here, Emma is so into the dressing up phase of her even I got to join in the fun on this day..Usually I get the speach of how she is leaving to go to the ball to meet her prince and I should clean the house while she is gone.....Yes my friends I could not make these things up!

We had a movie, lunch date with Madelyn and when we got home Madelyn thought she should get the Dr Kit out and give Emma a little check up...Dr Madelyn said her throat was all clear!

And if you know Emma, you know summer is not complete with out a few tractor rides

Notice something similar with these 3...Emma thought it was funny to copy Grandma, and you KNOW Kinsley is not going to let Emma do something with out her joining in arms crossed watching Good Morning America on Vacation it is.

Ahh the Beach.....One of Emma's favorite spots....loving these 2 beach babes!!

Family vacation with Kinsley consists of early morning busting out of her room with Trey and Lib, to climb in the bed with Emma for some early morning cartoons :)
So happy to have her toes in the sand.....

 And even more happy to have the water splashing her feet!

Off to broadway at the beach for some carnival that car girls!

This makes me smile.

This is how you see Emma the majority of the car ride to or from vacation.....It is so funny when she is listening to her music and singing out loud with her ear phones on!

Surprise! Cooper was at the beach this week Emma got to spend the day with cousin Cooper riding the waves!
Back at home.....Granny and the girls day fun int he sun!!

And now it is time for Kinsley to join in the dress up fun..they paraded through the house for us!

Off to Aunt Debe's pool for some swimming and 4th of July Fun!

Emma loving on Sweet Jaxon!

And these are some of our exhausted kiddos after a day of pool fun and now waiting for the fireworks!

And this is the typical Grandpa Emma moment...Daddy aggravating Emma and Emma telling him all about it!!

Our annual white dress beach pics of Emma....

Just a little Daddy Daughter fun in the Ocean

And what do you get after several beach trips, weekends at the pool, outside water days with your cousins...1 tan, blonde, 5 yr old!

Happy Birthday Grandma

And this is the mouth of a girl who will not touch any sort of candy..licking the icing off the cake, and laughing so hard at the chocolate all over her mouth that she can barely breathe!

Aunt Lib has the girls on the computer trying to plan out birthday party ideas.

And off to VBS Madelyn and Emma go....what a fun week!

Could they both look any more serious...I promise they had fun!

Happy Fiesta Wedding Shower to Amanda and Kevin!!

And our Bluejean Babes..totally not planned...but both oh so cute!!

And there is a snapshot of Emma's life the past few months. We were so blessed this Summer to have found a super sitter for Emma 2 days a week. God places people in your path just as you need them. Emma had a blast with Sarah Beth and we are forever grateful. So now it is off to 1st grade...and we are ready to tackle this new phase of life head on!

I won't say I will promise to do better with updates...lets just say I will try!!

Hope everyone had a Wonderful Summer!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Disney, Easter, Birthday Parties, And the Last Day of School!

What a busy 30 days! It has been filled with Disney Vacations, Birthday Parties, School Fun and the last Day of of School as a Kindergartner for Emma! We have been blessed beyond measure and even though our lives have been busy and hectic we have had some awesome moments as are some of them below!

On our first day at Disney Emma and I attended a Princess Tea, just the two of us, and although pricey it was well worth the memories made with my girl! In this picture Emma is being crowned and "petaled" from Princess Rose Petal from sleeping beauty to start off our tea!

I took pictures for days of Emma at the party (but decided I wouldn't bore you with them all) but there was stories, music, dancing, dolls for each girl, tea, food, and an awesome princess cake to top it off...then a parade of princesses through the hotel. We LOVED IT!

Emma having a very serious talk with Aurora about Rapunzel! LOL I think they were comparing long hair with eachother....

All Sunblocked up and ready for our first Day at Disney, Magic Kingdom was so fun!

Emma and Kinsley had an awesome time with Grandma and Grandpa at the Disney Junior Show!

And here is Emma at her front row seat to the Beauty and the Beast it was soooo GOOD!

And the matching girls ready for another round of Disney fun!

Of course we had to join the street dance party!! Go Kinsley go!

Our trip would not have been complete with out a trip to the potato head store to fill up our box of potato goodies!

And here is Emma with all her Disney Loot! We had a great family trip. I could fill you full of Disney week pictures but I will stop here...

We got home just in time to color Easter Eggs at Grandma's for Easter!

Opening her basket Easter Morning filled with NO candy....I know she eats none of it! Totally does not take after me on this one.

Emma ready to head out to Church Easter Morning

And we topped off our Easter with Dinner at Grandma and Grandpa's and an Easter Egg Hunt.

Now it is time for some Birthday Party Fun. Sweet Carlie turned 6 and Emma was invited to her fun pajama party!

Emma and Kayley waiting to get the fun started!

Emma with Carlie the Birthday girl done with hair and makeup waiting to get their toes done!

And the 3 Amigos in their sleeping bags watching a movie!
Hope you had an awesome Birthday Carlie we sure had fun!!

And now on to the next Birthday Party! Colton and Tucker had a fun Birthday at the park. Emma loves these boys and was very excited to go to their party!

As you can see by the smile on her face as she wraps her arm around Colton for a picture! Such a sweet boy!

Emma and Jeremy taking a trip down the slide!

And then back up the stairs for some more!

Riding to school on the last day of the school year!

The last time to walk out of the front door of school as Kindergartner!!

Booking it down the sidewalk to the car...Way to go Emma!! We are so proud of you this year!!
Not only does Kindergarten Rock but so do you!!

OK Now it is time to get rolling on our busy summer!!