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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Vacation was a Hit...Now its over...

Our vacation week was awesome. Weather was great, Family was together, Memories were made. Here are  snapshots of some of the fun!

 On this night we had a great dinner and finally got Grandma to Barnes and Noble to download some books for her Nook..and of course that meant Emma got a new book as well...

 Emma was loving on her Daddy in the pool, one of the few times we got in the pool that week, we spent alot of time at the ocean and at the cool water park our hotel had.

This was a fun night! We went to a restraunt on the inlet that had live music in the lounge down stairs while we waited, Emma clapped and bopped her head so much that her and Grandma downed a whole bowl of complimentary popcorn! Emma and Kinsley even went out on the marsh to see goats and a peacock!

 And this is how the girls traveled to the beach each day from our room...

I will say Emma has little fear...she got right out in the ocean even rode some waves on the boogie board while we held her.

 Half way through the week another beach babe, Sophie girl!, joined us she was not as fond of the wagon as Emma and Sophie though.

 And the girls keep coming...they also met a friend Madeline from Tenessee that played with them for 2 days..check out the matching sun glasses with her bathing suit what a sweet girl!

 We had a night of fun rides where Kinsley also showed us she has no fear hanging off the side of the ferris wheel...what are we gonna do with those girls!

 And here is the beach trio again...we spent this evening with all of the fam at Broadway at the Beach!

Emma's night was topped off with Build A Bear where she built her Beach Puppy "Myrtle" complete with bathing suit and flip flops!

Who can resist ...don't we all eat our breakfast in panties and a big pink bow in our hair!

We took the girls out early Friday morning and got their pictures on the beach. We have been doing this with Emma for 4 years now...and they always turn out great so happy to have Kinsley with us this year!!

And finally the girls taking one last gaze at the ocean, soaking it all in until the next beach trip...which we are all hoping happens very soon!!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Celebrating Daddy!

Since June is Fathers Day (Month) this post is full of Daddy and Emma moments. I see so much of Jeremy in Emma she has his Big Brown Eyes, Long Skinny Legs and No Butt! In crowds at times she is very reserved and quiet soaking in all the details and scoping the scene out before she makes her move (so not like me). She definitely shares his sense of humor, slight OCD tendencies and her ability to tune out all her suroundings and focus on what she wants to even if the house is burning down around her Daddy.

On this Day Emma stayed in her PJ's all day with Grandpa even kept them on for a trip to Lowes! She asked to sit out on the porch and watch Jeremy cut the grasss, every time he passed by she would give him a little wave

She couldn't stand it she just had to ride!

Emma and Jeremy at the Daddy Daughter Party

Time for makeup ...

and dancing...

don' t forget the crafts!

Happy Happy Fathers Day!!