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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Half Way Through Summer Break...What????

So I guess my update once a month idea,  just has not worked out as planned. So here we are 3 months later .....with an update. WE HAVE BEEN SO BUSY and at the same time so BLESSED to be so busy!! So here is our 3 month run down.

April: That was our "scary" month. Spring Break from school turned into sickness for us! Emma had a bad fever, sinus bug that turned into a stomach bug....that landed us with 3 doctors visits, 2 ER trips, countless emails back and forth with the Dr, praying, panic and no sleep....which then led to Jeremy and I both getting sick as well! Sounds SUPER fun doesn't it. Somehow, Someway by the Grace of God we avoided an admission.....that month is not one I choose to revisit ever!!

We finally felt better for a little cousin play time!

Yes Emma is in her PJ's was pajama day at school!
And this is what she brings home from the book fair at her cousins school....Boy Band Poster??
May: Much better month, busy but better! We had school field trips, honors day, graduation, last day of school. And our sweet niece Karsyn was born!

This Girl Made us so proud on honors day and sang her little heart out, a far cry from last year when she just looked around at what everyone else was doing!

This pic is one of those that shows us just how blessed we awesome teacher, the sweetest helper ever assigned to Emma, and two good and reliable friends to help her across the stage!

 Proud Grandparents (minus Poppa)

 And this...this just makes my heart smile!! Look at those gorgeous smiles!

Way to go Emma........

 And a BIG BIG Thanks to Miss Moss and all her help this year, we wish her nothing but success in her Pre-K Class this year!!
 I am sure I am partial..but this is the Cutest Big Cousin and cutest Big Sis ever!
Kinsley Boo Aunt Nik, Bubba and Emma love you to the moon and know you are going to be the BEST BIG SIS ever.....
And here is our Sweet Karsyn...Trey and Lib "done good again!"
Emma is in total love with her being a cousin is the best thing!!

June: WOW is all I can say about June. Summer started, short trip to the beach, and Emma received One Direction Concert Tickets from our Childrens Hospital and local radio station WBBQ! We made a weekend of it and Madelyn came along for a trip to Atlanta, hotel stay, concert, and Aquarium much fun! To end out the month we had a fun day with Emily, one of Emma's friends from church, who will be moving away this month.....Here you have it:
This is one family who was ready to head out for a few days at the beach!
And this captures the exact moment that makes all the long and some times unbearably hard days ALL worth it!
This is Kinsley deciding just how long she is going to pose for this picture, because the water coming at her in the ocean is NOT her thing, and Emma posing all out because she totally does not care if the water slams her over.....
No beach trip is complete with out a stop at Build a Bear...according to Emma any way
Arcade time!
And look at this sweet sweet face, do not be fooled....j/k I love love love her!!
We have so many pictures from our "One Direction Weekend" but I will just post a do I hope these two are always close in life, Madelyn you are the sweetest friend to Emma!

And the Girls are posing with their boys!

Pure Sweetness, Friendship for life!

Jeremy was not happy with this as they were picking up the One Direction phone asking the boys to come over right now! LOL

Time for silly faces in front of CNN studios

Up and at em' the next morning in their new shirts!

GA Aquarium time....Madelyn Thank You for Sharing in Emma's first concert experience, we love you!
Emily and Emma sporting their masks they picked out during our fun day today!

Just a little craft time.

Emily we are going to miss you our friend!
There is our 3 month rewind! Happy Happy "Hot" Summer Ya'll!